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13 Wham or otherwise called WHAM-TV based in Rochester, New York is broadcasting news, sports, community events, weather prognosis, and different entertainment programs.

Therefore, if you live in Rochester by now this should be your favorite television channel and if that hasn’t occurred until now it will surely happen in the appropriate feature.

WHAM-TV was even from the beginning, which took place in 1962, an ABC affiliate. However, until January 10, 2005 it was known by the name WORK. It is quite a famous television channel because for many years it was among the 3 Rochester stations broadcast through cable in Ottawa and regions situated in Eastern Ontario.

A  modern TV channel, trying to daily keep its viewers informed about the latest important happenings in the area of Rochester and New York, in general. That would not be possible if it wouldn’t be broadcast ed through high definition signal on VHF channel 13, thus the name for this digital channel.

13 Wham Keeps Viewers Informed

Information is power and WHAM-TV is a channel that is offering exactly what the audience is searching for: the latest and accurate news reports, latest scores and turnarounds in the sports industry, completely detailed weather conditions, the latest news are lively broadcasted by reporters who are always placed at the action scene, and after all these a little entertainment is more than welcomed to end a perfect evening in the family’s company.

They also include in its TV guide syndicated programming like Access Hollywood, The Insider, and Entertainment Tonight. This TV channel wouldn’t want its viewers to lose anything exciting happening in the lives of the rich and famous. There is nothing more relaxing and the time flies in an instant when you know what your favorite celebrities have been up to.

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See our website online, It is a great alternative for people that are in their lunch break and what to find out the latest news. The noon newscasts are streamed online so this Rochester TV channel is always trying to keep every audience segment satisfied.

13 Wham Lead Anchors

This Rochester broadcasting TV channel has been the leader in news ratings and part of this success should be also granted to lead anchor Don Alhart, a celebrity among this area, who has been transmitting for 13 Wham since 1966, alongside Ginny Ryan and Doug Emblidge.

That is quite unbelievable and this fidelity for the WHAM-TV channel is part of its charm, is what makes people turn their TVs own every day and be kept up to date by the best people in the region. In order to reward this fidelity, in 2010 it became the first channel to broadcast news in high definition, 13 WHAM News shared with the world since 2005.

Also, since 2005 the slogan for this TV channel has been Your Breaking News and Weather Authority. This simplifies the reasons for which locals should be informed on the most important events by professional people, who do their jobs in presenting the truth without distorting it and those people work for 13 Wham.

Just added to the site is Rochester, NY online police scanner.

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